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Partnerships for Success includes activities that provide practical and inspiring opportunities for participants. Activities include social interaction, community service projects, athletic events, leadership opportunities and goal setting.

Community Partnerships with local agencies enhance events and education. Some local agencies to consider are:
  • Parks and Recreation
  • United Way
  • Civic Clubs
  • Universities
  • Disability Agencies


Everyone is looking for opportunities to meet and socialize with their peers. Scheduled social activities create opportunities for students to interact among their peers, and the community. A few activities include:
  • Tailgating at a school sporting event
  • Celebrating the holidays with festive parties
  • Visiting local places of interest like the aquarium, park, or local museums

Unified Special Olympics

To enhance the spirit of inclusion, schools are encouraged to organize unified teams to participate in the Special Olympics. This allows all athletes to enjoy the spirit of competition while experiencing the camaraderie of new friends:
  • A competitive unified team comprised of students with and without disabilities
  • Volunteers who assist their friends throughout the events

Community Service

As students reach out to others, they see the world from a new and different perspective, and feel the satisfaction and joy that comes from serving their local and global community. Service events might include:
  • Cleaning up the local park
  • Making earthquake kits for Haiti
  • Running a hat and mitten drive for a local shelter
  • Participating in a school wide community service project
  • Creating Thanksgiving baskets and collecting Christmas toys for the elderly/needy


Imagine a group of students making decisions, working together, learning responsibility and enjoying it. As a student-run club, ALL students equally participate and each student has the opportunity to serve as an officer. Co-officers are elected annually. This allows students with and without disabilities to share the responsibilities of each office. An annual leadership training gives students an opportunity to come together and learn about developing their leadership skills for the benefit of their club.




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