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1) Why is Partnerships for Success important?

All students have the desire to form friendshipsand to be valued in their community, to discover their abilities, and to plan their future based on their interests and strengths. The Partnerships for Success Program creates an inclusive environment where all students can participate to the best of their ability. Students make friends and gain self-confidence while contributing to their school, community, and education. In turn, the school and community at large becomes a more accepting and inviting place increasing the quality of life for everyone.

2) How is Partnerships for Success funded?

The model for Partnerships for Success is currently funded through a grant from the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities in Georgia, Future sustainability will depend on local school systems developing their own funding with community support.

3) How much does it cost to start a program?

  • Partnerships for Success Club - There is no cost associated with the formation of a Partners for Success Club. The club can be sustained as other clubs at the school are, through membership dues or fundraisers.
  • Self-Determination Curriculum - You will need to purchase a self-determination curriculum when organizing a self-determination class. Information regarding curriculums can be found on the following websites: or
  • Student Led IEP's - Materials for implementation of student led IEP meetings are available from a variety of resources with little or no cost. Additional information can be found at the Council for Exceptional Children website. The greatest investment is your time and the satisfaction of your students.
  • Portfolios - Information for purchasing the “Take a Look at Me” portfolios can be found at
  • Futures Planning – Typically involves a group of caring individuals who have a genuine interest in assisting the student with a meaningful transition to life after high school. Cost for a session depends on the individual circumstances. Some cost factors to consider are:
    • Will you facilitate the meetings yourself or hire someone to do this?
    • Will you serve lunch, dinner or refreshments?
    • Will you purchase a flip chart and markers for recording the information during the meeting or will you just use some paper and markers you have on hand?
    • Are you going to purchase one of the workbooks designed for Futures Planning? Some popular methods and links to workbooks are listed on the Cornell University web site and can be found at

4) Who can participate?

The Partnerships for Success program is designed for ALL students. Students with disabilities, students without disabilities, and students at risk for not graduating can enjoy the friendships that form through Partnerships for Success Clubs and grow in confidence through the self-determination and leadership activities.

5) Is Futures Planning the same as Person-Centered Planning?

There are several tools that can be used for Futures Planning. Person-Centered Planning is one of those tools. Some additional tools include PATH, MAPS, and Circle of Friends.

6) How can I help?

There are many ways to assist with the Partnerships for Success program or with promoting the program. Volunteer opportunities and/or service learning hours can be arranged through the Partnerships for Success Club sponsors, the teachers or the program coordinators.

7) How can I get additional information?

For additional information please contact us.




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