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Partnerships for Success can open doors to a brighter future. Every student with or without a disability should have opportunities to participate in this program. If you are interested in bringing Partnerships for Success to your school, the first step is to determine which aspects of the program will meet the needs of your school.

A tool kit for developing a program at your school is available upon request. This template provides you with basic information for forming a Partnerships for Success Club, implementing self-determination and student led IEP's, organizing a futures planning session, and developing a self-discovery portfolio. A DVD consisting of interviews with teachers, parents, administrators, students and program coordinators accompanies the kit. To request a free tool kit, please contact us.

The time and energy it takes to start this program will result in many positive benefits for the student, school and community. Every student deserves the opportunity to look at their future with confidence and excitement. Once the program is in place, students will naturally find themselves drawn to opportunities that change their lives and lead them towards a brighter future.




a Program
Form a Program
If you are interested in bringing Partnerships for Success to your school...
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