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The building blocks that the Partnerships for Success model uses to assist youth in developing self-determination and leadership skills are: 

Partnerships for Success Club
When people work together toward a common goal, the challenges and triumphs pave the way for lifetime friendships. The goals of the Partnerships for Success Club are to create an inclusive club that provides opportunities for students to become engaged in their school and community by participating in social activities and community service projects; and to offer students the opportunity to experience leadership development through participation in a dual leadership role. As students interact with one another, they develop natural friendships and gain confidence and self-determination at school and in the community.

Making choices should be exciting not dreadful. A self-determined person is confident and empowered to make daily choices as well as choices that will impact their future goals. A self-determination curriculum, strategically placed in the school, is designed to help students achieve goals based on their interests and abilities.

Student Led IEP
Students who actively participate in their IEP meeting are more engaged in school. They have more success achieving their academic goals and graduating from high school because they are involved in planning their own educational goals. They know about their strengths and weaknesses and what accommodations actually work for them. Students who actively participate in their IEP meeting show an increase in self-confidence, self-determination and the ability to advocate for themselves, leading to goal attainment and a fulfilling adult life after high school.

Futures Planning
The future looks bright for students that participate in Futures Planning. This tool can be used by students who are transitioning to middle school, high school, or life after high school. It guides them through the muddy waters of change by creating a circle of supportive family and friends who can assist them as they plan for the future..

A self discovery portfolio is designed as a tool to help students compile a visual image of their life and future dreams. The portfolio creates a personalized guideline that serves to strengthen a student’s identity and confidence as they make decisions about their life.




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