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Imagine... a room with a student sitting at a table with teachers, parents, administrators and support personnel. The student is smiling and welcoming everyone to a meeting. He is introducing everyone at the table. Then he begins to speak about his strengths and accomplishments during the current school year. Hes showing a power point he created in class that illustrates these successes. Now hes talking about what helped him the most this year; next, he tells the group sitting around the table that he wants help figuring out how he can be more successful in Math... OK, youre wondering, who is this kid and what kind of meeting is he in?

This student is actively participating in his IEP meeting, practicing the self-determination skills that will assist him to be successful in school and the community.

Students who actively participate in their IEP meeting are more engaged in school. They have more success achieving their academic goals and graduating from high school because they are involved in planning their own educational goals. They know about their strengths and weaknesses and what accommodations actually work for them. Students who actively participate in their IEP meeting show an increase in self-confidence, self-determination and the ability to advocate for themselves, leading to goal attainment and a fulfilling adult life after high school.

Active student participation in the IEP meeting is for all students. Student participation is an individualized process and can include students sending invitations to their meeting, creating a power point presentation, displaying a portfolio, designing a poster, reading parts of the IEP document, or actually writing part of the document.

This participation does not occur overnight or with one lesson, a student who is new to this process will need, like anything else, good coaching and plenty of practice to be more successful. Contact us for information about how this can work at your school.




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